Traffic Blitz a Success!

Fargo Police conducted a FOUR Day traffic blitz last week focusing on use of communication device violations.  A total of 73 citations were issued over the four days, including:
38 Red Light Violations
17 Texting Violations
2 Seatbelt Violations
1 Driving Under Revocation/Suspension
2 Registration Violations
2 No Insurance Violations
2 No Driver’s License in possession Violations
3 Speeding Violations
1 Speed/Care Required Violation
1 Equipment Violation (Lights)
2 Unlawful U-Turn Violations
2 Careful Driving-Control of Vehicle Violations
(Totals by location)

District 1 (10/14/13)
The texting blitz was conducted with eight officers. The eight officers were divided into two groups who focused on two major corridors spanning this 3 hour detail on 10/14/2013. 19 Ave N & University Dr. N: 0700-1000hrs 3 Speeding Cites 2 Texting Cites 1 Red Light Cite University Dr. N & 1 Ave N: 0700-1000hrs 8 Red Light Cites 1 Texting Cite

District 2 (10/15/13)
The texting blitz was conducted with 4 officers. The one group focused on two areas over the 3 hour detail.

Main Ave and University: 0700-0850hrs
10 Red Light 1 Registration violation
1 No Insurance 1 DUS/DAR (with arrest) 7th Ave N and University: 0900-1005hrs
4 Red Light 1 Texting
1 No Insurance 1 No DL in Possession

District 3 (10/16/13)
The texting blitz was conducted with 6 officers.  The entire time was spent at this intersection for the 3 hour detail.

25 St S & 13 Ave S: 1100-1400hrs
Texting Citations: 7
Red Light: 8
Speed/Care Required: 1
Equipment Violation: 1  Total: 17 citations

District 4 (10/17/2013)
Eight Officers were used for this texting blitz.  The entire time was spent at this intersection for this 3 hour detail.

45 St S @ 17 Ave S:  1100-1400hrs
6 Texting Citations
7 Red Light Violations
2 Seatbelt Violations 1 Expired Tab/Registration
2 Unlawful U-Turn
1 No DL in Possession 2 Careful Driving – Control of Vehicle
5 Citizen contacts (warn)
Total: 21 citations

Mall event and Traffic Blitz!

Once again, Eyes Forward will be at the West Acres Mall this Sunday. Stop out to visit us from Noon till 3:00 PM and take the pledge to keep your eyes forward while driving.

As a friendly little reminder, the Fargo PD will be out in full force this next week on a traffic blitz looking for drivers who are texting, so put your phones down-be safe- and keep your eyes forward!


Upcoming Traffic Blitz!!!

Word on the street is that the Fargo PD will soon have a traffic blitz focusing on those who text while they drive. Just a reminder, texting while driving is against North Dakota law and can result in a $100 fine.

Drive safely!



By: Forum staff reports, INFORUM

FARGO – A Kindred man charged with manslaughter after a fatal car crash in which authorities say he was texting while driving was also traveling 110 mph, prosecutors allege in court records.

Nicholas Scott Milbrandt, 20, was charged with Class B felony manslaughter and Class C felony reckless endangerment Sept. 20 in Cass County District Court.

Court documents filed in the case allege Milbrandt was traveling about 110 mph in a 75-miles-per-hour speed zone when he rear-ended another vehicle in the crash.

The crash just before 6 a.m. Aug. 1 near mile marker 341 on Interstate 94, also allegedly occurred just after Milbrandt was texting while driving.

Royce Rodacker, 61, of Casselton, was killed in the crash.

Milbrandt’s first court appearance is set for Oct. 11.

Way to go, Stop N Go Stores!

I visited our local Stop N Go headquarters this past Friday and picked up 266 pledges! I was surprised and was really pleased.

Word on the street is that loads of the pledges came in from West Fargo- so kudos to you, West Fargo!!


Keep up the great work and get your window cling or lanyard at any of the 24 area Stop N Go stores.