Awww c’mon, Fargo!

I visited a local Stop-N-Go store today to get a car wash and to check in on how the Eyes Forward campaign is going. For those of you who don’t know, Stop-N-Go is a sponsor of Eyes Forward, and are wonderful supporters of not texting and driving. Anyway, I walked in, shook the pledge box, and it was light, folks…


There were a few pledges in there, but not nearly as many as I was hoping for. I (perhaps too ambitiously) set a goal to get 10K local residents to take the pledge to not text and drive by the end of 2013.

I believe in this initiative and encourage you all to think about it, too.

I’ve got little ones; two under 4. It is so important to me to not put them in jeopardy, to set a good example, and to not be a distracted driver. That said, it is also important to me that YOU don’t drive while distracted- that YOU don’t text and drive.

I’ll even go further to bet ya’ll that you won’t see me driving while fiddling with my phone, other than speaking into it. ┬áIf you do, you can come on into the Forum building and shame me in person.


So do the community a favor and visit your local Stop-N-Go store to take the pledge. You’ll receive a pretty awesome :FWD window cling to put in your car (I haven’t even seen one of those on another vehicle yet, sadly), or a :FWD Lanyard.

If this post seems like one big North Dakota guilt-trip, ding! ding! ding!


2 thoughts on “Awww c’mon, Fargo!

  1. Crying an begging won’t help. I’m texting this from my car right now. This is America! Those of us with brain cells should be allowed to text as long as we are smart about it! Nanny state

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